About Us


We're a family owned and operated small business based out of Tacoma, WA. We are high quality general contractors and cash investors. We specialize in buying distressed properties and fully renovating and updating them to the fullest extent possible. We also purchase a number of other properties needing little to no renovations or updating at all. ​

We're a simple and viable solution for some people and we enjoy helping people with great offers on their residential properties that we can also benefit from.

Kitchen Interior

Our Process

Phone on Desk

Initial Contact

Reach out and provide us with your property address and any other helpful information about the property that you'd like to share.

Property Valuation

We'll do the market research on your property and reach out within 24 hours to schedule a viewing of the home to assess its current condition.

Property Viewing

We'll come by and conduct a general viewing of the property checking the main structures and components. of the home. Normally it takes about 15 minutes. In some cases we can provide an offer with only photos of the property.

Interior of a bedroom in an old abandone

Cash Offer Within 24 Hours

Within 24 hours we will provide our best cash offer.

If you'd like to move forward you'll choose our closing date.

We use a great title company that handles all of the required paperwork and we pay all closing costs.


Sell your property easily.

Get a market value cash offer.